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The Photo Editor

Click on a photo to edit it. The Photo Editor enables you to perform a wide range of tasks to improve or alter your photo ready for your web pages. You can resize, crop, rotate, change the contrast, brightness, saturation, hue and even sharpen or blur your photos. You can add various effects and color filters. You can also set it to be a thumbnail image that opens into a larger version when your website visitor selects it.
The origin of "that's cool"
The usage of 'cool' as a general positive epithet or interjection has been part and parcel of English slang since World War II, and has even been borrowed into other languages, such as French and German. Originally this sense is a development from a Black English usage meaning 'excellent, superlative,' first recorded in written English in the early 1930s. stock image
Framed Panel Object

This versatile, powerful object enables you to achieve many different effects for your webpages. Select from a variety of frame designs and customize the size and color of the frame and the background. The framed panel can contain any number of other objects such as text, images, graphics, videos, and third party widgets.

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